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Talking about extra virgin olive oil is like telling the origins of the DNA of our civilization. It’s like trying to explain the soul of our power

Colibrì Project

Colibrì is a project of OPCONFOLIVA to discover and appreciate the extra virgin olive oil and table olives in Brazil, co-funded by the European Commission’s program 'Promotion of European agricultural products' REG 1144/2014.

The project aims to promote the products of the olive sector: olive oil and table olives, and is aimed at Brazil. The specific objectives of the programme are: to improve the level of knowledge of the merits of European agricultural products and the high standards applicable to production methods in the EU; optimise the image of the agricultural product offered in the case of olive oil and olives; increase awareness and recognition of the quality systems of the European Union. The culture of European olives inspires the real flavors in your life through the millennial tradition and the culture of olive oil.

How We Work at Colibrì Project

Our products are the result of controlled and certified operations, from collection to the homes of our consumers...

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of European Origin - Colibri Project

Everybody talking about it, but what means for evo oil from europe?

Questo prodotto è noto per la sua elevata qualità e per essere un alleato della dieta.

L’olio EVO si ottiene dalla spremitura di olive senza aggiungere additivi.

Inoltre, presenta un livello di acidità nettamente inferiore rispetto ad altri oli, fissato a 0,8 grammi per 100 grammi di prodotto.

OP Confoliva is an association of olive growers that works for a guaranteed, traceable and sustainable supply chain...

OP Confoliva

Op Confoliva is a Gricola cooperative, established as an organization of excellence, governed and governed by the principles of mutuality without speculative purposes and was established in accordance with Community laws, in order to obtain recognition pursuant to what is regulated by the REG 1308/UE/2013 and the ministerial order Mipaaf 8648/2014.

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Tables Olives

The Best on the Market

What are the best table olives?

Juicy, genuine, retain all the taste of the sea. Perfect alone or in any recipe, our organic table olives of European origin are a pleasure for the palate.

The area of the Mediterranean Sea is rich in varieties of delicious and appetizing table olives. First of all, the difference between table olives and olives for oil is in the consistency: the first are harder and the pulp is difficult to detach from the core, making the pressing process complex.

What then differentiates table olives and olives for oil is their sensational taste. La Bella di Cerignola, Olive Cellina di Nardò, Intosso, Nocellara del Belice are the best Italian table olives, inimitable and respectful of the territory.

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