What are the Best Table Olive?

Juicy, genuine, retain all the taste of the sea. Perfect alone or in any recipe, our organic table olives of European origin are a pleasure for the palate.

The area of the Mediterranean Sea is rich in varieties of delicious and appetizing table olives. First of all, the difference between table olives and olives for oil is in the consistency: the first are harder and the pulp is difficult to detach from the core, making the pressing process complex.

What then differentiates table olives and olives for oil is their sensational taste. La Bella di Cerignola, Olive Cellina di Nardò, Intosso, Nocellara del Belice are the best Italian table olives, inimitable and respectful of the territory.

Olive 1

Best Table Olive with Designation of Origin DOP

We have listed some of the best Italian table olives, but what is the tastiest ever with PDO designation?
Some studies carried out in Italy have decreed that the best table olive with designation of origin is Bella di Cerignola.

It is an ancient olive, which discovered a great success during the last century, when it began to be exported all over the world. It is recognized for its large size, the full taste, the large amount of pulp and the crunchiness of its skin.

le migliori olive da tavola

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