Project “C.OL.I.BRI. – Inspira sabores verdadeiros”: European Olive Cultivation Promotion Activities in Restaurants and Retail Outlets in Brazil.

Starting from May 15, 2023, a new promotional campaign for extra virgin olive oil and European table olives will be launched in Brazil through the “C.OL.I.BRI” Project. This initiative is co-financed by the European Commission’s “Promotion of Agricultural Products” program – REG/EU 1144/2014, with the objective of raising awareness among the general public and Brazilian professionals about the virtues of European olive products.

The first series of events, from May 15, 2023, to May 21, 2023, will involve experts promoting extra virgin olive oil and table olives in restaurants in the state of Ceará, in the cities of Cascavel and Fortaleza, through presentation and tasting sessions.

Professionals and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to engage in a sensory, educational, and culinary experience through dedicated corners, allowing them to interact and compare different gastronomic cultures, all connected by the thread of European olive cultivation.

The promotional activities continue from May 15, 2023, to May 25, 2023, as experts guide consumers through a knowledge-based journey of European extra virgin olive oils and table olives at retail outlets in the city of Cascavel. The aim is to increase consumers’ knowledge and promote informed purchasing decisions.

Consumers will have access to an exhibition area and a “Tasting Insights” itinerary to learn about the information, organoleptic characteristics, and possible culinary uses of European olive products.

To learn about all the dates, retail outlets, and restaurants where these promotional initiatives will take place, please visit the website or the social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – of the “C.OL.I.BRI. – Inspira sabores verdadeiros ” project.

The dates and locations of the promotion for the project “C.OL.I.BRI. – Inspire True Flavors” are as follows:


Every day, from 15/05/2023 to 21/05/2023:

  1. Parada Obrigatoria Address: R. Virgílio Uchôa, 2006 – Jacarecoara, Cascavel – CE, 62850-000 Instagram: @churras.paradaobrigatoria
  2. Encontro das Águas Address: 100, Estr. p/ Jacarecoara, Cascavel – CE, 62850-000 Instagram: @BarracaEncontro das Aguas
  3. Magiu Cafe Address: R. Prof. José Antônio de Queiroz, 2181 – Cascavel – CE Instagram: @magiucafe
  4. Bom Boteco Address: Av. Chanceler Edson Queiroz, 3185 – Cascavel, CE, 62850-000 Instagram: @bom_boteco
  5. Longbeermaraponga Address: R. Belgium, 1050 – Maraponga, Fortaleza Instagram: @longbeermaraponga
  6. Boutique Duqueijo Address: R. Eliseu Uchôa Beco, 350 – Shops 3-4 – Guararapes, Fortaleza – CE, 60810-270 Instagram: @boutiqueduqueijo


Every day, from 15/05/2023 to 25/05/2023:

1. Mercadinho Lukinha Address: Av. Chanceler Edson Queiroz, 3165 – Cascavel, CE, 62850-000 Instagram: @mercadinholuquinha